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PLC and HMI Programming


Growth in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) applications have expanded into every type of manufacturing and process control area imaginable. PLCs vary in cost and size from the small control system for individual stand-alone single processes, to the immense plant wide control, with the ability to communicate with every process to monitor, alarm and control.

We are constantly expanding our variety of platforms to provide our customers with the most cost effective configurations, and the most flexible installations. Our wide variety of PLC products that we use include complete digital, analog and specialty modules as well as the communications networks required to fit your needs.

Whether you are batch processing, continuous monitoring, or closed loop PID for flow, temperature, level or pressure, we have the knowledge and experience to design, install and service the best solution.

We specialize in designing and installing new systems as well as designing upgrades to replace older obsolete controls and systems. We routinely add Human Machine Interface (HMI), wireless radio communications, and/or a computer controlled data acquisition (SCADA) for a complete turnkey system that is easy for the operator to manage.