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SCADA Design


Delta Control is a leader in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) design and the sale, installation, and maintenance of process control equipment. Delta Control Inc. has worked in the industrial sector for a variety of manufacturing or process applications, for many years. Our customers include many private manufacturing groups as well as municipalities.

SCADA is the real time exchange of information for the purposes of control, data collection, and integrated management. It improves the visibility of production environments, and ensures product quality, by adapting to rapid changes in the manufacturing processes in order to improve productivity.

The data acquisition allows the tracking of runtimes, pump starts, flow totals, temperature profiles and any other process variables necessary for the cost effective maintenance and control of your system. This also allows for the quick identification of problems to reduce the loss of labor, material and energy.

A SCADA system gathers information seamlessly to perform smart maintenance routines to reduce downtimes. It also improves the connectivity from the actual process to the operator and supervisor with screens loaded directly on your desktop, displaying the real time data and animated processes.